What's boiling?

1 April 2022

Two years of foolishness end on April's Fools, and this time it's definitely not a joke!
We will be hosting the debut show of The Sybians, Amsterdam's next hot rude reggae sensation, featuring, among others, two old and one current member of The Upsessions, plus our very own Flavio Bacardi on bass.
Expect high energy sixties/early seventies reggae, groovy rocksteady and sweaty ska -all original compositions- with tongue-in-cheeck lyrics.

Before and after dj-set with RR-Residents Carlo & Rico.

Start and end time will be subject to the Government's dispositions that will be in place at that moment.
More info will follow.

All door money (€ 5) will go towards Maloe Melo's outstanding debt, helping them out of the 'rona dip.


"Showtime ladies & gentlemen, we don't want this thing to be a drag!"

Is there really no life outside the stereotyped image of reggae?
And is 'Amsterdam Reggae City' nothing more than a 'coffeeshop thing for ganja tourists'?
We don't believe it.
And that's the reason why we're here.

Tasteful grub for your dancing feet, serving you the sauciest period in Jamaican music: from the late fifties to the early seventies.

But also music for your mouth, treating our guests with irresistible (finger)food from the Caribbean tradition.


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